Oi oi.  ♥‿♥
Not writing related, but I've been in a doodly mood in my spare time. I found this older sketch of the character Lilia Parell (lead character of the Light Age) and decided to finish it up. I probably could have painted the clothing and hair in a more detailed way, but I wanted to keep to a more simplistic style. I was thinking of doing more of my novel characters in this kind of style,  so I could have a little concept art for more of them than just Lilia. However, I'll probably focus on drawing the girls, since guys are boring to draw. Sorry! I like flowy hair and cute faces! (Hence I draw Lilia with long hair... even though she has extremely short hair for 75% of the series.)
(Also I am terrible at drawing men. How do you do it?)
I should maybe do the short story characters, too. Machaon, anyone?

You may also have noticed that this image appears in the new background for this blog. I got tired of the last one, and thought this was a good replacement.

The song lyrics are, of course, Marina and the Diamonds 'Oh No!'
For this character, they're kind of appropriate.
Drawn and coloured in SAI.