Click HERE to download the first three shorts in my collection.

Opposite Day, where a young politician makes a deal to save the city.
Souls of Machines, where a psychologist befriends the most remarkable soldier.
Another Bite of the Apple, where a writer in the employ of the Ministry of Media comes to learn that the Government is not quite as kind as he preaches.


Click HERE to download the second set of shorts.
Quantum Entanglement, where a neuroscientist has to make an impossible choice between right and wrong.
We've Lost Our Moral Compass, where an orphan girl with no hope for the future turns to a life of crime.
Spidermusings, where the city's real Premier finally gets his own word in on matters.


Click here to download the third set of shorts.

Death of the Hour, where an old computer hacker - and one of the Government's most wanted - reflects on the penance she chose for herself.
Original Sin, where two convicted defectors, guilty by law but not both by action, plot to break out of the Government's prison.
Viral Heart,  where the Government's final plan for the city is revealed. It's fought against by a human who became a robot - and a robot who became a human.