Modern versus Actual Art: A Comparison For Your Viewing Pleasure


I spent the day with my writing friend ArtemisTimms today, and alongside general nerdery and flapjacks we made what is, in my opinion, true beauty. We attempted to create characters from our books from Fimo clay, but after various trials and tribulations (including the fact that the Fimo was about seven years old and wouldn't really mould) we made something far more profound.

Click here to read the full review of this culturally important piece of art, courtesy of Arty :>

To be fair, my 'attempt' was even worse, and consisted of an uneven sphere of foil partially covered in clay. It won't be posted.

Once again, to be fair, I did art A-level at college and did rather well. What we have produced today, especially with the eloquent description and interpretation, was worthy of anything I actually submitted for my project (I used to splatter whole pages of sketchbooks with ink and call it a day. It worked, 'cause I got full marks.)

That is Actual Art, as I'm sure you can all agree. Here, I have some Modern Art, for your entertainment.
In all seriousness, this is the second drawing I did in the style of my previous picture as a character reference. Say hello to Sayka Lanner.