I look to explore different dystopian and totalitarian concepts in my work. My stories are never completely cheerful or entirely pleasant, but that goes with the job description. Ultimately I will post my work online, namely ways to download my shorts in the form of an ebook.  ♥‿♥

Main Series & Prequel: The Light Age
'If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you' - Nietzsche
♠ Fearless Wings
♠ Light Speed
♠ Brave Heart
♠ Angel Rose
♠ Prequel: Lilia

The idea for the Light Age came to me when I was fourteen, and has stuck resolutely with me ever since. It's changed a lot over the last four years, developed into the biggest idea I've ever had. It follows the story of Lilia Parell, eight hundred years in the future, and her descent from one of the wealthy few to a life of poverty, crime, and ultimately rebellion against her unequal, unfair, unfree society. Pointless cycles of brutal revenge, street-kids and gangs and corruption abound. It's survival of the fittest, the nastiest and the richest - and everyone has their own agenda, especially the tyrannical Premier. Lilia will come to learn that actions, no matter how small, always have consequences.

Side Project: City of the Damned, short story collection.
'A lie told often enough becomes the truth' - Lenin
♠ Opposite Day
♠ Souls of Machines
♠ Another Bite of the Apple
♠ Quantum Entanglement
♠ We've Lost Our Moral Compass
♠ Spidermusings
♠ Death of the Hour
♠ Original Sin
♠ Viral Heart
♠ Against the Machine
♠ The Government is Kind
♠ Shadows on a Wall

This is my real gap-year project, a collection of interlocking short stories exploring a range of different concepts, including artificial intelligence, human experimentation, surveillance, false imprisonment, morality, suicide, and what emotions really are. I see it as a very, very dark fairy-tale - the worrying thing is that parts of it are true.

City of the Damned is to be released as an ebook, in four sets of three. Each one will cost £0.65/$0.99, but they'll all be available for free for 5 days out of every 90 - I'll be sure to tell everyone when these times are! It's a bit of an experiment to see how much and if people are willing to pay for my writing, to see if I can make it as an author. If it really takes off, I'll look into getting the full set into paperback form. That's the far-off, super-crazy goal.

Ideas Pipeline
♠ Vague ideas for a series of seven novellas, to be written alongside/after the trilogy. Based loosely around the seven deadly sins, shifting into a slightly new genre. Dystopia of the mind, as well as of the environment.
Confirmed ideas:
Burnout/Little Grey Box