I Have Returned~


Hallo! Just checking in after getting back from Holland with my grandparents. I've got a post (or maybe two) upcoming about that, but everything's chaotic because the actual family holiday begins at stupid-o'clock on Saturday and my garden has been destroyed by my parents, a hired digger and a skip.
Don't laugh.
I guess I didn't realise how tired I'd be! So, I'm postponing the release of the second set of shorts until after I get back (18th August) because I think it'd be better for me to be able to get online and be around for the release. I'm going to final-edit and take it with me, and if I'm unsatisfied after the week I'll do final-final edits ♥‿♥

As an apology/teaser, I knocked up a cover for the next release.

I'm quite pleased with it, personally - I've never done a full photomanipulation like this before, so didn't really know what to do. I re-textured and re-shaped the rocks by hand, which easily took the longest, and then painted new shadows over everything. It actually looks quite nice alongside the first cover, so I've decided to make the future covers in slightly different styles - so it's like getting a bit of art alongside the story!

COTD 4-6 includes Quantum Entanglement, where a neuroscientist has to make an impossible choice between right and wrong, We've Lost Our Moral Compass, where an orphan girl with no hope for the future turns to a life of crime, and Spidermusings - where the city's real Premier finally gets his own word in on matters.

Oh, and before I forget - thank you for over 200 downloads of COTD 1-3! As of now it's been downloaded in Britain, the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, India, Brazil and even Japan!
(I was really surprised at some of these. Bonjour, Hallo, Ciao, Óla こんにちは,  नमस्ते! I hope my book doesn't depress you too much!)

Thank you to freerangestock.com for the images used in the creation of the cover. Also, the creators of GIMP. ♥‿♥