City of the Damned 4-6 - Published!


It's finally up! The second set of shorts in my collection is available for download HERE! ♥‿♥
Free for five days, starting today. Please be sure to download during this time! Otherwise Amazon will force you to pay :<

Please note, because I get a lot of questions about this, it is unfortunately kindle exclusive. However, if you don't happen to own a kindle or an android/iOS device upon which a kindle app may be installed, fear not! You can still download my book. You'll need to download the kindle app for your computer, which can be found HERE for free.

Any comments, criticisms and reviews are extremely welcome. I just hope people enjoy it. :>
The first set of shorts was, I felt, quite a good success - it peaked at 5 for the top 100 dystopias and 34 for the top 100 sci-fi stories, with downloads from all over the world. According to my dad's calculations, there are around two million books on Amazon, and at the time of writing this the first set is ranked #114,436 on paid downloads. Okay, so that's a horrifically huge number, and at first I was kind of disappointed - but then he said that this made it in about the top 6% of ebooks.
Not sure if that's true or not - it may have been some huge miscalculation - but it's kind of nice to think about.

Not so bad for my first book, right? I hope this book can reach the same heights, or even better.

Good luck, little ebook! I worked hard on you, and had a lot of fun writing you when I wasn't tearing my hair out over story five. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I liked writing it.