Hello, March! ♥


Well hello there. :>
Sorry for no updates, my laptop finally gave up the ghost and I had to splurge on a new one e__e Fortunately, I'd saved some money for uni and seeing as this will be used for uni I could justify it. It's infected with the disease-like Windows 8, but I've managed to get around it and the keyboard is ever so nice for typing on!

I've been working on another short lately - Viral Heart. It's quite possibly the nastiest, darkest one so far (and considering themes to the others include mindwipes, suicide and just about everything else) so, it's quite exciting!
I also had a really nice couple of days with my writing buddy Artemis Timms, watching Lord of the Rings (as she hadn't seen it yet which is a complete travesty) and discussing story ideas. :>

In lieu of an actual post, here's something I doodled up today. It's the main character from my novel; and I was bored. Introducing: Lilia. Messy hair and all. First digital art in a long long time!