In Which I Try To Design An Ebook Cover
(Part Two)


Hello, hello! ♥ What I have promised, I shall deliver!
This is my (so far) completed ebook cover design. I worked out the final details today. I'm quite pleased with it, though I expect I'll be changing things around every now and then. This is the cover for the full set of shorts, though I'll also be releasing them as four sets of three. These will each have slightly different covers, as I'll explain below.
So, here we go! Unfortunately you can't get a drumroll on a blog, so you'll just need to imagine one.

♥ Ta-dah! I really hope you like it. For my first ebook design ever, I guess I'm pretty proud of it.
You will see that there are twelve cogs in total on the design - one for each short story - and they've all been woven together by the threads of a spider. Appropriate, no?
It could also stand for the twelve characters explored through the stories, all trapped in the machine.
I wanted to keep a dark, bitter undertone, so chose a simple and futuristic design. I hope it's fairly effective - it took a long time before I was happy with the arrangement of the cogs. And here's the deal! - you see the three larger cogs with hollow centres? Each short story has it's own symbol, that will appear on the chapter divider pages, and as I'm releasing them in sets of three I'll add the symbols of each book into the cogs. For example - Opposite Day has a lightning bolt, Another Bite of the Apple has a gun, Quantum Entanglement has an atom, Against the Machine is a swallow - the list goes on. 

So, here it is - I tried my best. I'm proud of it, so I can only hope that others will like it as much as I do.

Cog vectors were downloaded from and are free for personal and commercial use. Thank you!