ᴜɴɪɴᴛᴇʟʟɪɢɪʙʟᴇ sᴄʀᴇᴇᴄʜɪɴɢs


Yeah, so I was just editing We've Lost Our Moral Compass (almost completed the digital edits, have completed the ones on paper) and my computer decided to crash. Unfortunately it crashed right in the middle of me saving my file, so now I have to write all the edits out again.
All of them.

It was a dark moment. I shall put off dwelling on it.

Now, as anyone who lives in Britain knows, we've had a stupid amount of snow over the last few days! So, you can all have some snow spam because every idiot with a camera seems to be posting them at the moment, and this idiot doesn't want to miss out.
I tried to make a Dalek snowman, but unfortunately it was an embarrassing failure. No photos. None.

Oh, I did my Chemistry retake and for a final showdown, it went decently. Couldn't do a couple of the questions, but apparently no one was able to do those questions as they weren't actually in the textbook. C'mon, OCR, give me this one! Let me have my dratted A in Chemistry and I'll walk away. 

I also finished reading 'A Clockwork Orange', which is absolutely fabulous and has made it onto my list of all-time favourite books for being deliciously dark and twisted and thought-provoking, and for some incredibly fun messing-around with language.

Speaking of language/writing, next blog post will be something I've considered doing for a while. Namely, a list of things to avoid when writing - writing tips, if you will! May also include character development tips as they almost go hand-in-hand, but may make a separate post for that. I don't know, there are just some things that really frustrate me when I read other people's writing - perhaps this post will help others, I don't know! My one good deed of the day, perhaps.
Also, I'll be introducing a blogroll on here soon! Just as soon as I find some blogs to actually link to - I need more writing blogs to follow/read! This one is lonely :<

But for now, of course, I'd better be getting back to it. 19 pages of size-ten to re-edit? Bring it.