Blogging Hiatus (Over?)


Hallo everyone. :v
First of all, sorry for the (mostly) unexplained hiatus! As I mentioned in the last post, I am now at university (and typing this on my phone, so sorry for any errors.) I thought I'd be able to blog easily, but I am constantly busy here. So much work, a stupid number of lectures a week... I've hardly had time to finish my work due to hanging out with everyone.
The downside of this is, NO WRITING. None at all. Not even an edit. I didn't think it'd be this hard to balance everything OTL
So, you can expect the final chapter (and the complete collection) of City of the Damned some time in the Christmas holidays.

At this moment, I'm sitting in the most boring lecture of the week, and I've got approx five hours to go before I can eat any food, so I feel justified in not paying any attention. But besides working, uni is fantastic. In the month or so I've been here, I have...
•Met many new friends
•Broke my ipod. And phone.
•Begun a new martial art (kempo~)
•Visited most of the college bars
•Visited the worst nightclub in Europe and ironically (drunkenly?) enjoyed it
•Developed a taste for vodka tea... We ran out of mixer. Don't ask.

I had so many ideas for blogposts these last few weeks, and if I have time I'll try and write them up. So that this one isn't completely useless, I figure I'll post some of the photos I took of the Shard when I was in London. I always think photography is a great way to be inspired/develop ideas for writing, as you have the images to flick through and develop a feeling for a scene or character :v Do it!
The Shard was amazing, incidentally. If you get the chance, definitely climb it, and go all the way to the top (or what was the point? Don't be a chicken like my Uncle was, tchh.)