Concept Art, Concept Art


(Still not the ebook formatting post. Whoops.)

I was just fairly happy with this doodle. It's completely done in Paint Tool SAI, the first of my scribblings to be done in this way, and I'm pleased with the results!
This is a character from my series, the Light Age, and it's the first concept art I have of her. She's one of the less pleasant characters, but just about my favourite regardless. ♥‿♥ In the early books she appears as a straight-up antagonist, but in the later books the lines are going to blur somewhat. She's got her own agenda, wants power and recognition as well as revenge, and isn't fond of people trying to be heroes and getting in her way.
Ever so much fun to write about. ;v

 The reason that she is a floating head and shoulders is sheer laziness, but I'm pleased with her nonetheless! I'll be using SAI for future pieces.