It Is Done.


I finished it! The final short in my collection. City of the Damned is finally completed.  ♥‿♥
It's actually sort of a weird feeling, because as I've said before - I didn't really expect to finish. I'm terrible for starting a ton of projects and not finishing them, and when I set out to do this the ending was something really far off to me. Sure, maybe I'll write those stories... but ages away. It's not happening for ages.
And now it's happened, and I guess I'm really proud. There have been a hell of a lot of half-finished stories since I was little - this is the first thing I've actually completed. That sounds terrible, but it's true. So in a way this gap year was to prove to myself (and everyone who said I couldn't do it) that I can finish things, and therefore can maybe be an author. ✖‿✖

Now I just have to edit everything. I guess it'll take a while, but for the first time I'll be able to read all the stories in order and see how it all flows. And then, figure out how to get it onto an ebook. I have some ideas for the typeface and the way I want it laid out, it's just formatting/coding it all to do that. And then everyone can read it, which is slightly terrifying.
I'm at once concerned about people hating it and it being completely ignored. Really, I'm not sure which is worse! I mean, I'd really rather not be responsible for more horrible literature hitting the market, but it sucks to have your work ignored.
Toss a coin.

At least while it is unpublished I can imagine that people will actually like it. :> I'm so lame.

Next, I'll get around to posting those Harry Potter photos. While I'm editing I might also post a couple of things I've been considering - namely my opinions on certain topics/why I include them in my stories, maybe some politics thrown in for good measure, and also how exactly I wound up wanting to be an author. My work with the birds came to an end (I only had eight months) and it's really sad; I miss them a lot! But I will still visit and see them, and meet up with everyone for drinks, so it's not as though I don't have plenty of time on my hands.
I really need to find a job. But I've been putting it off because Mum, Dad, can't you see I'm a writer??

And with that sentence I became the laziest gap year student in existence.